Dr. Nikolaus Calgori

Middle European Mad Scientist


Hit Dice: 23 HP Initiative: -1 Speed: 20 ft AC: 10 Attacks: -2/+1 Damage: Fists (1d3 Melee) or pocket revolver (1d4) Face/Reach: 5 ft./5ft Special Attacks: Mesmerizing gaze Special Qualities: DR 3/cold iron Saves: Fort -1, Ref -1 Will 7 Abilities: Str 9, Dex 11, Con 13, Int 23, Wis 19, Cha 4 Skills: Listen +6, Spot +2 Feats: Climate/Terrain: Any Organization: Unique Challenge Rating: Treasure: see below Alignment: Lawful Evil Advancement: By character class

Nikolaus Calgori was born in Bari in 1811. His father was Italian; his mother’s identity remains unknown, although it is suspected that she was from one of the Balkan kingdoms. Brothers and sisters (if any) are likewise unknown. Taken by his father (an itinerant mechanic/inventor) shortly after birth, Nikolaus grew up in many places across Europe. Gianluigi Calgori raised his son to follow in his footsteps, teaching him basic engineering and mechanical skills and arranging for the boy to attend Göttingen University, where he graduated with honors in Chemistry and Physics. He then earned a medical degree from the University of Heidelburg, again with honors. He became a fellow of the Prussian College of Surgeons, but was expelled for “grievous … and unnatural experiments” in 1857. Travelling to Great Britain, he became famous as a consulting physician specializing in cases of Faerie influence. In 1868 a scandal erupted when Dr. Calgori was found to be vivisecting Fey; he disappeared and it was assumed by many that he had been killed by Fey seeking justice for the torment he had inflicted on their kin. In reality, like so many fugitives, he fled to Erenn, where he offered his services to Finvarra. He is currently working on creating a corpse golem; he hopes that an army built of such “super-soldiers” will be able to gain Finvarra victory in battle against the British Empire.

Dr. Calgori will avoid combat whenever possible; he is a master of poisons and narcotics, and will generally attempt to drug opponents under the guise of “settling things like gentlemen.” He will also use his mesmerizing gaze to control enemies. Calgori is not a fighter if there is any other option – he will flee or surrender rather than go down shooting.

Dr. Nikolaus Calgori

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